Challenging perceptions and championing conservation with a targeted publishing portfolio


People love talking about wildlife, but they don’t often talk about zoos or connect them with vital scientific discoveries and the protection and survival of animal species and habitats across the world. Whether they’re encouraging repeat zoo visits or inspiring future conservationists, ZSL’s suite of impactful magazines, annual reports and souvenir guides is designed to make that connection clear. 


Wild About magazine is a popular title on the awards circuit, winning four awards in the last 18 months alone. It is rated highly by 98% of readers and generated an unprecedented level of donations (20% of the readership) in 2016. The title was even handed to the Queen as a gift at the launch of a new zoo enclosure last year. And our annual souvenir guides are not just educating zoo visitors and achieving record sales. The titles are also being used to educate ZSL employees, uniting all strands of the organisation with their intelligent yet accessible content.

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The entire suite of publications Think produces for us are integral to our visitation and membership strategies. The team routinely takes the complex conservation and scientific data that supports our mission and weaves it into compelling stories that captivate readers and bring our aims to life. They are sensitive to the range of different audiences we seek to communicate with, and never take the interests of those varying audiences for granted. It means we are always confident that the product meets the needs of the reader, and is working as hard for us – and for wildlife – as possible.

Emma Edwards
Head of Communications, ZSL