We are pleased to announce the merger of Wanderlust Publications and Morris Visitor Publications

After our purchase of Wanderlust Publications two years ago, we are pleased to announce a merger with Morris Visitor Publications Europe. The enlarged company will be renamed Think Travel and will be jointly owned by Think Publishing Ltd and Morris Communications.   

In short

  • A portfolio of established inbound and outbound travel and tourism media brands
  • Industry-leading publishing, digital and content marketing services for the travel trade

Think Travel will bring together a portfolio of established inbound and outbound travel and tourism media brands to create one of the most innovative data-led travel media and marketing services companies in Europe. Brands in the portfolio will include Wanderlust, Where London, London Planner and Where Paris.

The move offers immediate scale and investment, creating a portfolio of mobile-first, 360-degree media brands. By combining some of the best minds and strategists in travel and digital, Think Travel will also offer industry-leading publishing, digital and content marketing services to the travel trade.

The new company will be headed up by Jackie Scully, a multi-award- winning specialist in content marketing, audience development, research and publishing strategy who has been at Think for more than a decade. The Morris Visitor Publications team will move from their offices in St James’s to Wanderlust’s offices in Marylebone. The Paris team will continue to operate from 35 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris.

Ian McAuliffe, CEO of Think Travel and Think Publishing Ltd, said:

“We see this transaction as an exciting first step towards developing a one-stop shop for both today’s travellers and the travel trade
that is data-led and digital-first.

“We will use the data we gather about our readers/audiences to deliver effective marketing services and branded/content marketing to tourist boards, tour operators and the tourism industry. The research we conduct will also inform future content for our audiences as well as new product development.”

William S Morris III, Chairman of Morris Communications, said:

“Today we begin a transformative period for our inbound tourism brands. This merger with Wanderlust and our combined commitment to digital development means we will be well placed to convert these essential tourism brands into industry leaders for the next decade and beyond.”

Lyn Hughes, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wanderlust, said:

“This is an exciting new chapter for Wanderlust. While we have been at the forefront of travel media for 26 years, there has never been a more stimulating time, as more people than ever are engaged with experiential and meaningful travel, and there are so many more ways we can communicate with them. I look forward to this next journey.”

Think Travel brands – the combined company will comprise:

  • Wanderlust travel media
  • Where London
  • London Planner
  • Where Paris
  • Think Travel Intelligence
  • Think Travel Content Marketing
  • IN London

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